Projects by Sectors

Some selected sample projects :

Pharmaceutical Industry

High speed labellers for vaccine vials, with optical quality controls.

Belgium Centralized monitoring system for laboratory equipment.

High capacity mobile tanks for formulation of injectables. Sterilizable in autoclave, with magnetic agitation and temperature control.

Belgium CIP/SIP transfer line with double stage liquid filtration. SCADA supervisory system.
Belgium Basic design for new formulation area for biological vaccines (in closed systems).
Belgium Automation of a conveyor system for sterilization.
Belgium Upgrade of a high-pressure homogenizer.
Belgium Addition of optical controls on a packaging line.
Agro and Food Industries
Nicaragua Physical refining under vacuum for 60 tpd of soyabean oil.
Ecuador Filter press for palm oil.
Ecuador Physical refining under vacuum for 300 tpd of palm oil.
Spain Triple Fractionation plant for anhydrous milk fat & Dodorizing under vacuum for 100 tpd of AMF.
Nigeria Pre-treatment and physical refining for 100 tpd of palm kernel oil.
Papua New Guinea Automation and supervision of a palm fractionation plant.

Palm oil fractionation plant with 4 crystallizers, membrane filter press, utilities.

Ghana Palm oil filtration plant with 15-bar filter press.
Malaysia Automation for the expansion of a palm oil fractionation plant.
Ecuador Pilot plant for physical refining.
Ecuador Automation/supervision upgrade for 2 crystallization vessels of 25 tons.
Honduras Control system for fractionation plant.
Ecuador Supervision of a Krupp refining column.
France Design and automation of an automatic seeding system for AMF crystallization.
Japan Industrial SCADA upgrade.
Ghana Palm oil fractionation plant of 100 tpd capacity.
Mexico Fast loading system for crystallization plant, with heat recovery.
Heavy Industry
Belgium Consultancy for real time simulation and control of slab reheating furnaces.
Belgium Modification of a bag filling system.
Belgium Supervision of filling station for liquefied gas containers.
Belgium "Hazop" risk analysis for fiberglass production.
Belgium Local network infrastructure with 25-users server including Internet access.
Netherlands Consultancy for steel industry.
Belgium Education for students in engineering.