Agro-food sector

PEACS is a known, recognized and appreciated player throughout the world in the field of vegetable oil processing, providing quality know-how, goods and services.

Our know-how is appreciated worldwide in particular for :

  • Pretreatment of vegetable oils
  • Physical refining of oils and fats
  • Dry fractionation of oils and fats by crystallization
  • Filtration (filter presses)

Peacs is also known for :

  • Complete turnkey installations
  • Modifications and extensions to existing installations
  • Pilot and/or complete installations
  • Management of storage tanks
  • Piping, pumping, heat recovery
  • Packaging: filling of bottles, cans, crates, etc.
  • Utilities: high and low pressure steam, compressed air, cooling towers, liquid chillers (chilled water)
  • Control by Programmable Logic Controllers and industrial supervision by PC or HMI screens (modernization, automation)

PEACS also offers on site training and quality after-sales service .